About DAB

When a fire breaks out, there is no room for second measures. Which is why we have spent over 40 years perfecting our carbon dioxide cylinder valves that set the standard.

The gaseous fire extinguishing systems and components we put our name to are pieces of fine-tuned, precision engineering. We benchmark ourselves against the best for reliability and effectiveness. Then we go one better, ensuring anything carrying the DAB name sets new standards, feels just right and works when it matters.

Our no compromise approach ensures that our systems will stand the test of time. Each and every one of our products is built in the UK using components sourced from the best British suppliers we can find.

Designed with maintenance in mind

Our modular actuator design aids your maintenance schedule by minimising the downtime needed for regular inspections and tests. Meaningful maintenance checks can be carried out swiftly and efficiently with the minimum of fuss. This is also extended to our valves, whereby entire sub-assemblies can be replaced in the field, reducing downtime from days to hours.

Our service is precision engineered too

But it is not just our products that perform exceptionally under pressure. Our team are agile, responsive and passionate about what they do. Some might call them engineering geeks. We call them brilliant specialists. What’s for sure is that their dedication to quality, constant improvement and collaboration gives our customers bespoke fire extinguishing products, valves and services that won’t let them down.

Behind every finely engineered valve is our finely engineered team.

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