Minimise the impact of a fire on your business.

Enclosures containing electrical equipment such as switchgear, controls, telecoms or transformers, CNC and EDM machinery and fume cupboards frequently contain fire hazards.

By targeting the source of a fire accurately and rapidly, DAB Direct Fire Suppression Systems suppress the fire in seconds, preventing further damage and minimising both remedial work and process downtime.


Why DAB Direct Fire Suppression Systems?

Inexpensive to install and maintain

The cost-effective systems are easy to install and maintain, and can be quickly reinstated after deployment.

No power source required

DAB Direct Systems offers automatic operation without reliance on an external electrical power supply.

Immediate fire detection and delivery

The suppression agent discharges at the closest point to the fire, suppressing it in a matter of seconds.

Highly reliable in harsh environments

The DAB high-grade detection and distribution tubing is tolerant of dirt, debris and harsh operating conditions.

How do DAB Direct Systems Work?

The DAB Direct System utilises high-grade flexible detection tubing that is routed around the fire hazards within an enclosure and connected to the cylinder valve. The tubing, pressurised with nitrogen, is designed to rupture locally when exposed to heat generated by a fire, initiating the release of the suppression agent.

The suppression agent is discharged through the tubing directly from the point of rupture, which will be the closest point to the flames. This means the fire is suppressed in seconds, minimising damage to the equipment.

The pressure gauge on the cylinder valve confirms the pressure of the system is adequate (green segment).

DAB offers a range of suppression agents that provide the best protection to each specific fire risk. These are safe to use on electrical components and also include a choice of ‘clean’ agents that do not leave a residue.

Our Technical Team will assess the risk of fire on your specific piece of equipment and recommend the most effective extinguishing agent for each application.

Applications for DAB Direct Systems

  • Electrical equipment enclosures
  • CNC / EDM machinery

  • Electrical switchgear enclosures

  • Transformer cabinets

  • Fume chambers

  • Data processing enclosures
  • Battery cabinets

  • Wind turbines

  • Tumble dryers

  • Many other applications

electrical panel
CNC Machine
fume hood

Key Technical Data

Fire detection method Linear heat detection tube
Suppression agent Choice of suppression agents available
Container capacity 1 kg, 2 kg, 4 kg, 6 kg, 9 kg
Container construction Carbon steel, painted red (RAL 3000)
Container operating temperature range -30 °C to +60 °C (depending on the suppressant)
Discharge time 8 to 14 seconds
Charge Pressure 15 bar at 20 °C

For the complete technical specification and operating instructions, please refer to the system manual or contact us.