DAB fire suppression systems for buses and coaches are supplied, installed and maintained by Forman Vehicle Services Limited.

Forman has been at the forefront of bus and coach fire suppression, with over 20,000 systems fitted to buses and coaches in the UK.

The Forman UNECE Regulation No. 107 approved fire suppression system is designed for complete reliability. The system’s linear heat detection provides rapid fire detection while protecting against false discharges commonly caused by loss of pressure in tube systems.


UNECE Regulation No. 107 Approved
Fire Suppression System

UNECE Regulation No. 107 states that installation of fire suppression systems will be mandatory in engine compartments of buses and coaches.

As of July 2018, engine compartment fire suppression is mandatory on new vehicle types of single-deck, double-deck, rigid or articulated vehicles of category M2 or M3 and specifically vehicles with a capacity exceeding 22 passengers in addition to the driver – “Class III”. Class III vehicles are constructed exclusively for the carriage of seated passengers, more commonly referred to as “coaches”. As of July 2019, this applies to all new Class III vehicles.

From September 2020, this will extend to new vehicle types of Class I and Class II. Class I vehicles are constructed with areas for standing passengers, and Class II vehicles are constructed principally for the carriage of seated passengers and designed to allow the carriage of standing passengers in the gangway and/or in an area which does not exceed the space provided for two double seats, more commonly referred to as “city buses”. As of September 2021, this applies to all new Class I and Class II vehicles.

ABC Dry Power Extinguishing Agent

Compared to water mist, dry power has proven to extinguishing a fire in half the time using half the amount of agent

Simple to Install and Service

Easy to install or retrofit. Simple servicing procedure with no need for tank agitation and 7-year system lifespan.

Engine Bay Temperature Rise Pre-Warning

In the event of a rapid temperature rise in the engine compartment, the driver will receive a warning message, allowing them to react rapidly.

Voice Driver Alerts through in Cab Messaging System

The system delivers status and alert messages to the driver in the event low pressure in the system, system deployment or other incidents.